Love Notes to Chef Jeni & Co.

We love our clients and cannot say enough nice things about the wonderful people we work with. It's always fun to hear from our clients as well.

From Our Clients:

Chef Jeni, You are a SUPER STAR! You will never truly know how much your part in our wedding meant to us. We had a lot of "foodies" at our reception and they all RAVED about the food. You were the best thing I did! you are a little hidden treasure of Sioux Falls! Thanks for being the special touch I wanted! Love Aaron and Tiffany

Chef Jeni, There are no words that can truly express how magnificent your service and food was for our daughters wedding. It is best to give you examples. I am a supreme perfectionist who understands true excellence. So when I say you exceeded my expectations - It's true! My barometer of great food, texture, taste, presentation and attention to details has always been a chef that served me in France. You are my new barometer Jeni! Your staff was also supreme! Exceeding my expectations again- Efficient, Professional, aware of everyone and everything attractive, I can't say enough! Thank you, Penny

Jeni, Thank you again! You helped transform our wedding reception into a 5 star restaurant! Our guests were amazed and so happy! Thank you again, Britni & Brett

From Other Vendors:

We've worked with Chef Jeni & Co. on a couple private events and weddings. Chef Jeni's style is genuine, authentic and she is always more than happy to please! The food is top notch, staff friendly and helpful. - Leah Moller, Envision Wedding Studio

Jeni cares about her clients. She works hard to create the perfect menu and develop relationships that allow the client to receive not only amazing food, but service as well. Jen's food is always great, she's accommodating to the client and is always professional. Her staff is well trained, pleasant and efficient. They work well with each other and all of the vendors at the event. From serving dinner to clearing tables they are doing it with a smile on their face. It is always a pleasure to work an event with Chef Jeni & Co. - Cory Ann Ellis, AC Ellis Photography